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Vyacheslav Sitnik

Vyacheslav Sitnik
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Африканский Союз
Сельское хозяйство/агропром
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We are manufacturers! We have the largest holding and have the largest land bank in Ukraine !!!!!! We can cooperate and sell our drinks and food from our factories(Ukraine, Poland and Serbia). We are specialized in production and wholesale of the following: - Vodka, whiskey and balsam-analogue – Jägermeister liquor)) of Ukraine, - Wine and champagne, - Beer, - Technical methyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol food, - Vegetable oil: sunflower refined deodorized winterized oil (produced from worm-press oil) of P grade, and Non-refined sunflower oil), corn oil, rapeseed and soybean oil; - products processing,food for animals: Press cake and Meal. - Mineral water,Juices, Soft drinks, - Energy drink (vitaminized) in PET packaging, - Vinegar, - Whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, and other dried milk products (Food industry) - packing 25 kg bag, - FULL CREAM MILK POWDER(FCMP) WITH VITAMIN C FOR BABY FOOD(from the first month of life and up to a year) - Packaging 400 grams, - Milk Tetra Pak-packaged of cartons. Shelf life -180 days. - Processed cheese, - Hard cheese, - Cheese product - Chocolate paste TM "Choko Nutto" (An analogue of Nutella).Packaging: 1 kg and 500 grams plastic buckets - Condensed milk, - Dried egg powder, - egg fresh(White and brown: 53-63 C-1), (Ukraine and Poland) - Margarin, Butter and Spreads, - potato and corn Starch, - grocery group(tomato paste, ketchup and sauce, mayonnaise), - frozen and canned(in of glass and metal cans) vegetables(corn, peas, mushrooms) and fruits, - frozen potato chips, potato and corn chips, - frozen Chicken(XALAL), Turkey, Duck and Goose, semi-finished products,(Ukraine and Poland) - frozen pork, Lamb and Beef(XALAL), - canned meat and products, - sugar and additional products(SUGAR BEET PULP PELLETS for animals), - Flour wheat and corn and cereals and other foods. - grains (wheat, corn, etc.), - Car tires, - Tobacco products-cigarettes.

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Sitnik Vyacheslav

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