Build Your Own Sheds & Outdoor Projects Manual, Fifth Edition
Название: Build Your Own Sheds & Outdoor Projects Manual, Fifth Edition: Step-by-Step Instructions (Creative Homeowner) Catalog of Over 200 Plans, Ideas, & Construction Tips for Studios, Gazebos, Cabins, & More
Автор: Design America Inc
Издательство: Creative Homeowner
Год: 2017
Формат: epub
Страниц: 144
Размер: 60.1 Mb
Язык: English

Build the outdoor structure of your dreams with this essential do-it-yourself guide!
Catalog of over 200 plans for building outdoor structures from basic sheds to work studios
Techniques and tips for constructing all or part of the structures yourself
Construction blueprints & materials lists are available for each project to ensure success
Wide range of outdoor structures includes utility & storage sheds, yard & garden sheds, cabanas, gazebos, pavilions, cabins, cottages, carports, workrooms, studios, mini barns, pole buildings, playhouses, and even patio furniture
From basic storage sheds to playhouses, gazebos, and workshops, there's a growing trend toward standalone spaces as attractive alternatives to home additions. Build the outdoor structure of your dreams by doing all or part of the work yourself!
This essential do-it-yourself guide will help you make your dreams a reality. All of the techniques and tips you'll need are inside.
Build Your Own Shed & Outdoor Projects Manual graphically demonstrates the latest in shed construction techniques, and illustrates every step of the construction process in detail.
You'll select from a catalog of more than 200 expertly prepared plans for building a wide range of outdoor structures, from simple utility sheds to elegant cabanas, cottages, greenhouses, pole buildings, mini-barns, and more. Whether you're looking to build the ideal pavilion, potting shed, or patio furniture—or compact cabin, studio, or home office—you're sure to find it here!
Easy-to-follow construction blueprints and materials lists are available for each project to ensure success. Select from over 200 building plans for:
Utility and Storage Sheds
Yard and Garden Sheds
Cabanas, Gazebos, and Pavilions
Cabins, Cottages, and Carports
Workrooms and Studios
Mini Barns and Pole Buildings
Playhouses and Patio Furniture

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