D-Day Tank Battles: Beachhead to Breakout (Tanks Illustrated No.10)

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Название: D-Day Tank Battles: Beachhead to Breakout
Автор: George Balin
Издательство: Arms and Armour Press
Серия: Tanks Illustrated No.10
ISBN: 0853686335
Год издания: 1984
Язык: English
Cтраниц: 65
Формат: PDF
Размер: 31,5 MB

This June brings us the fortieth anniversary of Operation 'Overlord', the Allied invasion of the French mainland. It began in the early hours of 6 June, 1944 with the dropping of large numbers of American and British airborne forces. These paratroopers were to be joined in the fighting later that morning by thousands of American, British, Canadian, French and Polish troops as the beach landings took place. To say that the infantry bore the brunt of the fighting in Normandy would be misleading; it is true that the infantry had to fight their way inland from the beaches, but it was the tank which led the way during the breakout in July/August.




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