The Coordinating Committee On Economic Cooperation With Sub-Saharan Africa (AfroCom), established in 2009, is designed for consolidating efforts of Russian business community, government and non-government institutions to step up economic activities on African markets and to support Russian export to Africa. AfroCom works closely with governments, multilateral groups and business to improve the Russian-African trade and investments, and to raise the profile of Africa in the Russian business community. With it membership of more than 90 companies and organizations AfroCom serves as the bridge to the latest business opportunities in Africa and Russia.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To promote the interests of Russian business entering the markets of Sub-Saharan Africa and enhance the cooperation between Russian business circles and African governmental and private entities
  • To establish business contacts and mutually beneficial collaboration between Russian and African companies
  • To increase the authority of Russian Federation in Africa

AfroCom Activities:

  • Analysis of the issues arising from bilateral relations; provide recommendations on how to eliminate or decrease the impact of certain factors influencing the relations
  • Identify the ways to diversify bilateral relations including mutual investment projects implemented in Sub-Saharan Africa and Russia
  • Coordinate the position of Russian business community regarding the cooperation with African partners
  • Act as intermediary between Russian business and African governmental and private institutions
  • Organize conferences, seminars, business missions to establish a dialog between Russian and African business circles
  • Provide information and consulting services to Russian and African business



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